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Our North Fort Worth dentist, Dr. Cat-Nhan Do, created Pristine Family Dentistry as a place where children and adults could feel welcome and be treated to effective dentistry. It is our goal to help you enjoy the healthiest teeth possible and to smile with confidence.

Children's Dentistry and Family Services

Dr. Do and her team welcome children for preventive dental care. We also encourage parents to sit with their children in our treatment rooms, so we can provide necessary oral health education on how to enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime. At our office, children are treated with a gentle touch to develop a positive relationship with the dentist right at the start. If your child’s first few teeth have grown in and they’re ready for a talk about teeth brushing and visiting the dentist for routine cleanings, please visit our office as soon as possible for your introductory appointment.

In further efforts to serve our community and support healthy smiles, our North Fort Worth dentist donates proceeds of teeth whitening procedures to Mission Arlington to help under-served members of our community.

Restoring and Replacing Teeth With Advanced Care

Enjoying a strong and healthy smile is sometimes a matter of more than simple prevention. Patients who have experienced damage and decay to teeth need restorative and cosmetic treatment to make sure their smile looks and functions as it should. Pristine Family Dentistry provides advanced procedures including root canals, dentures, and simple tooth extraction to help reclaim your smile.

Dr. Do has trained with some of the best oral health professionals in the US for endodontic treatment (root canals). With our doctor’s experience, we can treat severe tooth infections, remove failing teeth, and replace missing teeth with functional prosthetics.

Therapy for Bite Alignment Problems

When you visit our North Fort Worth dental office, you can also find treatment for occlusal problems that contribute to teeth grinding, severe wear and tear, and jaw discomfort. As an attendant of the Dawson Academy, Dr. Do continues to hone her dental skills for the treatment for malocclusion. Our occlusal therapy services include custom mouth guards and full mouth reconstruction with crowns and veneers to create better harmony in how teeth fit together.

We take each patient on a case-by-case basis to alleviate oral and facial pain, bruxism, limited ability to open your mouth, or frequent headaches caused by jaw problems.

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